Boy Mechanic Who Displayed Brilliance in Viral Video Set to be Awarded Scholarship 


A Crypto trader has revealed that a small boy named Mubarak who marveled social media users with his spoken English, will be taken off the streets and put in school.

By Henry Iheanacho

The kid, who is mechanic apprentice, was captured in a video displaying brilliance by engaging in a debate about which is better between day reading and night reading.

Mubarak opposed the motion that says ‘night reading is better than day reading’ and he spoke so impeccably that many people wondered why he was in a workshop instead of school.





A Crpto trader and businessman identified as @CyprianKendo reposted the viral video and launched a search for the brilliant apprentice.

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He called on well-meaning individuals with vital information to help locate the boy, noting that there is a scholarship offer for Mubarak.

He tweeted; “Pls can someone help me find this boy. He has a scholarship”.


Watch the video below:



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