Footballer Williams Kokolo ‘Put Pillow in His Victim’s Mouth to Stop Her Screaming as He r*p*d her after Party’, Court Hears 



League One footballer, Williams Kokolo put a pillow in a student’s mouth to stop her from screaming as he r*ped her, a court has heard.

The Burton Albion defender, 23, went on trial accused of three counts of r*pe at Coventry Crown Court on Monday, June 12.

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French-born Kokolo is accused of attacking a young woman after she invited him to a party at her university halls in Birmingham on February 13 last year.



The 24-year-old woman met the player on a dating site and the pair were messaging as she wanted to get to know him better, the court was told.


After inviting him back to her room, the student went to the bathroom and returned to find Kokolo in just his boxer shorts before he went on to rape her, jurors heard.



Kokolo is said to have forced the woman to perform oral sex on him before he also had sexual intercourse with her as she pleaded with him to stop.

The court heard that he ‘picked up a small pillow and forced it into her mouth’ and kept telling her to ‘shush’.


The complainant said after he had finished, Kokolo saw her sitting on the bed with her head in her hands and asked: ‘What’s wrong baby girl?’

He then left the property in the Aston area of the city in the night and the woman said she later contacted police after telling her ex-boyfriend what had happened.

In an interview with cops, she later told how Kokolo had treated her ‘like a piece of garbage’ to get ‘what he wanted.’

French-born Kokolo, who signed for Burton from Middlesbrough last January, went on trial accused of three counts of rape on Monday.

Opening the case, prosecutor Nicholas Tatlow said: ‘The defendant is a footballer for Burton Albion, the complainant had been in a relationship but at the time had broken up.

‘In her contact with Mr Kokolo, they spoke to each other. And on one occasion she arranged for him to pick her up in Birmingham after a night out.



‘But she stood him up at the last minute after her friends said to her she should not meet him.

‘She went to a student party near to her own student accommodation. During the evening she contacted the defendant to ask her to come meet him.

‘She wanted to meet him to talk and she made it clear that she did want there to be any sexual activity.

‘They were at a “getting to know you stage” of which might go on to become a relationship.


‘They met outside, he told her she smelled of drink, and she told him she was drunk. They went up to her flat.

‘She went to the toilet and came out to see the defendant stripped to his boxer shorts.

‘He told her that was how he always slept. She had not talked about him stopping over but she was unduly concerned.


‘But what she did do was tell him she wanted no sexual activity. Not withstanding that she did lean in to kiss him as that seemed to be what he wanted.



‘Instead of a kiss, he forced her head down to his penis.

‘He took off her underwear ignoring her protests. He was on top of her, she tried to push him off but he couldn’t.

‘She tried to scream but he picked up a small pillow and forced it into her mouth. He turned her around and penetrated her from behind.

‘Then he stopped and again forced her head down onto his penis. He let go of her, she went to the bathroom, came back and he was asleep.

‘She too lay down on the bed as far away as she could and went to sleep.

‘During the night she heard a noise as the defendant got out of bed and left.

‘She sent him a message accusing him of rape. He didn’t respond to it.’

In her interview with police played to the court, the woman, who cannot be named, told cops: ‘I asked him to come to the party so we could get to know each other.

‘I told him I didn’t want to do anything sexual and he said that was fine.’

She added after coming back from the bathroom at her flat, she found Kokolo on her bed wearing his boxer shorts.

She said: ‘He was just like ‘I sleep in my boxers’. I said I did not invite you to sleep over. I told him specifically I did not want to do anything sexual.


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Footballer Williams Kokolo ‘Put Pillow in His Victim’s Mouth to Stop Her Screaming as He r*p*d her after Party’, Court Hears 


‘He was on the bed and I sat beside him and he seemed like he wanted to kiss me. So I leaned in and he took my head and forced it down on him.

‘Then he kept pushing my head down. He then takes off my thongs and he didn’t even try to kiss me or do foreplay or even ask me if I wanted to do it.

‘He just kept forcing himself on me. I was trying to push him off me. He kept telling me to shush.

‘I was saying “no” and stuff to him and then he turned me around and thrusted from behind and then I kept making noise and he kept saying shush.


‘He then kept forcing my head down on him.

‘I was disgusted I couldn’t be in fully control to push him off. And I was sat on the edge of my bed and I took of my dress.

‘He hadn’t even took that off, he just treated me like a piece of garbage to get what he wanted.

‘I was on my bed with my head down. I think of sex as a sacred thing between two people who love each other. And he took that away from me.



‘I kept holding my head and he just asked “what’s wrong baby girl”?

‘He knew what he had done was wrong but he didn’t even want to admit it.

‘I woke up in the middle of the night and he was leaving. The next morning he sent me a Snapchat of me snoring.

‘I told him you basically raped me and you took advantage of me and you did whatever you wanted and just left.

‘I told him never to speak to me again and blocked him on everything.’

Kokolo, who was in the youth ranks at Monaco before moving to Championship side Sunderland, denies three counts of rape.


The trial continues.

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