Heartwarming Video of Little Boy Kneeling Down to Thank People Who Gave Him Food in Orphanage 




The actions of a little orphan boy has melted the hearts of many because he showed appreciation for a being given food.

By Henry Iheanacho

A video which was posted online shows the kid who lives in an orphanage home being served with his peers.

He could be seen holding a plate which he presented to some servers that were dishing rice and beans.





After getting his own portion, the well-behaved boy went down on one knee to thank the givers before proceeding to sit on a chair.


Interestingly, he also remembered to say the grace, thanking God for the food and the ability to eat before he started eating.

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Social media users were quick to praise the little boy, while others hailed the caregivers at the orphanage for teaching him such discipline.


Watch the video below:



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