Man Recounts How Ex-girlfriend’s ‘Ancestor’ Nearly Strangled Him to Death in Her Apartment 

By Henry Iheanacho

A South African man has taken to social media to narrate a scary experience he had in the apartment of a girl he was dating.

He revealed that while at her place, a figure he could not describe strangled him almost to a point of death.

According to the guy identified on Twitter as @Kokoleo_zn, the unknown force only let go of his neck when his ex returned back from her outing.

When he told her what happened, she did not look shocked, rather the girl said that she was supposed to introduce him when he entered the room.

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She explained to her boyfriend that the mysterious being which attacked him was her Dlozi (ancestor) who is apparently overprotective.


@Kokoleo_zn tweet read: ”One day I will tell ya’ll how I got strangled in my ex’s place by a figure I can’t physically describe….but can describe its energy

When I told my ex , she was so relaxed and said “shit , I was supposed to introduce u before I let u in the room “ 😭😭😭😭😭😭


Apparently idlozi yakhe is very protective

I’m like bro , that ain’t no dlozi 😭😭

It only stopped strangling me because she came back in the room , if she didn’t ..I was probably gonna see my dlozi

Literally had to go out for a smoke , ended up watching Netflix and sleeping on the couch bec I didn’t wanna go back in her room.”



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