Motorist Zooms off with LASTMA Official Who Jumped into His Car (video)


A motorist got into a scuffle with an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority who jumped into his car to arrest him for a traffic infraction.

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In a video shared online, the motorist is seen zooming off with the LASTMA official before slowing down a bit and ordering the official to “come down”.

When the official notices he is being filmed by the driver, he hits the camera with his hand but the driver warns him to “leave my hand”.




“You know how much be door?” the driver asks the LASTMA official who was holding on to the passenger’s side door in an attempt to exit the moving car.


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Eventually, the driver slowed down enough for the official to get down from his car.

“Close my door. Rubbish. You for no come down now. Bastard,” the driver is heard saying to the LASTMA staff.


Watch the video below.


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