Nigerian Boys Captured Recreating Hollywood Actress with Deep Fake Technology (Video)


A group of tech-savvy Nigerian boys have been captured on tape using Artificial Intelligence to create a believable image of Hollywood actress, Alexandra Daddario.

By Henry Chigbo

The young boys employed the use of deep fake technology to recreate Daddario’s face and physical attributes.

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A video which has gone viral captures the boys inside a room with a laptop that showed the actress’ face, except it wasn’t really her.



One of the boys positioned himself front of the laptop and put on the camera, however, instead of his face showing on the screen, it was Daddario who appeared.

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The real face of the others showed normally except that of one who was directly in front of the laptop camera.


He demonstrated how the lady on the screen was doing the exact same thing he was doing in his room, giving the impression to anyone on the receiving end that he was the actress.

See the video below



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