PHOTOS: Danish Worker Shares Nine-year Transformation Of Abandoned Child Labelled Witch


A Danish aid worker, Anja Ringgren Lovén, has shared photos of a girl child who was abandoned nine years ago due to allegations of witchcraft in a village in Nigeria.

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She shared the photos via her Facebook account on Friday and wrote, “Can we all agree that children are not witches ?!


“David Emmanuel Umem and I rescued Mary more than 9 years ago. She was accused of being a witch. We found her half naked in a bush where she was hiding because the local villagers wanted to kill her !

“When we found her she had cuts and bruises from an iron all over her body. She had been tortured and abused !


“Now more than 9 years after we rescued Mary she just wrote the JAMB ( Nigeria’s official entrance examination board for students seeking admission to university ) and hopefully her score will take her to study law after the summer ”


See pictures below:

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