Lady Shows off a N1.5m Apartment She Was Taken to by an Agent in Ogudu area of Lagos State (video)


A Nigerian lady has expressed her disappointment after being taken to a N1.5m apartment in Ogudu area of Lagos state which was in a sorry state.




The lady who was shocked with the state of the apartment which a little boy she called her baby said was a “mess,” further revealed that she was taken to worse apartments.


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She shared a video of herself in another apartment in the same Ogudu with a tiny kitchen and room which she claimed are not up to one square meter.



The lady who wondered how she was going to create content in the apartment, revealed that the landlord wants a single working-class lady in the N1.2m mini BQ.

The TikTok user was then taken to another N1.5m apartment in same Ogudu with a bad roof. Though the wardrobe and toilet were in a poor state, she said she would have managed it if the roof was okay.


Watch the video below…

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