Prayers Don’t Fix Refineries Or Stabilize Economy – Fr Kelvin Tells Nigerians


Ugwu made the assertion in a post via his verified Facebook page on Friday.

Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, a Nigerian missionary priest working in Gambia has told Nigerians that prayers do not fix refineries or stabilise the nation’s economy.

By Thandiubani


He made the statement on his Facebook page on Friday.

The cleric said that the reason some church ministers and priests, including him, kept advocating for good governance is because people continuously ask them to pray and give them hope and encouragement to withstand the difficulty and hunger in the country.

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According to him, bad government policy could make situations even worse.


He wrote, “This situation in which you ask church ministers or priests to continuously pray and give people hope and encouragement to withstand the difficulty and hunger in the country is the reason we kept advocating for good governance. Because, in truth, prayers do not fix refineries or stabilize your economy. You can organize a 10-day crusade on liberating people from poverty and granting them open doors, you may fast and shout all night, but just one ‘agbado’ policy implemented. . .you will watch how those whose doors were already opened no longer see even windows to pass through.”



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