Teenager Who R@ped Six Women He Met on Social Media over Three-year Period Starting When He Was Just 15 Years Old Is Convicted of 22 Counts 



A teenager who r@ped six women 22 times after meeting some of the victims on social media has been convicted of 22 Counts.

Kevarnie Queen, now 19, ‘treated the women as objects to use for his own gratification’ and attacked them in dank communal stairwells, Inner London Crown Court heard.


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Jurors heard how Queen had met all but one of the six victims on social media, where he’d use his street name of ‘K1’ as his username.

The offences began when he was 15 in May 2019 and went on to to June 2022 when he was 18.

Before May 2022, police had received several allegations of sexual offences against Queen, but in each case the victims were not willing to prosecute.




But on June 7, 2022, one victim plucked up the courage to make a statement against him and agreed to give evidence.

Five others then agreed to support the investigation, supported by specialist officers.

Some of the victims had been in a relationship with Queen and believed sexual abuse they suffered was was a normal part of being his girlfriend.

It is believed he may have many more victims who have not come forward.



Queen claimed he had cheated on all of the victims and as a result they had got together to teach him a lesson.

Detective Constable Jennie Seward said: ‘Queen’s disregard for the young women’s rights to consent, and his complete lack of respect for them, is disgraceful.

He treated the women as objects to use for his own gratification.

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Detective Inspector Ian Kenward added: ‘I am pleased with the conviction and would like to pay tribute to the tremendous courage shown by the young women targeted by Queen.

‘Their support has led to a dangerous predatory offender being taken off the streets and I am immensely grateful.’

Queen will be sentenced on October 13.

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