Trending video: Vigilante Holding Gun Takes to His Heels Upon Seeing Residents fleeing from Danger 



A video making the rounds online shows the moment two pranksters played a dangerous prank on members of a community.

By Henry Iheanacho

One of those who fell victim to the prank is a vigilante who was armed with a shot gun.

The young men were walking on a sandy pathway which had a blind spot and they acted as though they saw danger ahead, so they turned back and started running.


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The vigilante who was just few steps behind them immediately made a U-turn and started running with his weapon in his hand.


Also, a cab man, an okada rider and a hawker who were all passing the same route reversed in a bid to escape from whatever made others run away.

However, after successfully making everyone flee in panic, one of the pranksters came back and said it was all a joke.


Watch the video below:




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