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TV Presenter Caught Sleeping with a Married Woman in his House (video)



A popular Ugandan TV presenter has been caught sleeping with a married woman in his house.

Casmir Mukisa a.k.a MC Casmir was caught red-handed sleeping with a married woman only identified as Trice.


In a video making rounds on social media, MC Casmir is seen in handcuffs (he covered them with his jacket), pleading for mercy from a man, said to be the husband of the woman he was cheating with.




Couple Arrested with Human Parts in Ogun (photo)



During the hotel raid which involved some police detectives, MC Casmir was asked “Is this the bed where you played sex from?” to which he answered “Yes! I am sorry.” The lady as well responds in the affirmative. It was also learnt that the police officers came from Kira Road Police Station.



Before leaving the room, Casmir is also heard saying, “Punish me but even if you punish me, just know I will regret what I did.”



TV presenter


Local news platforms reported that the woman claimed her husband has continuously failed to satisfy her in bed, hence, why she opted to sleep with the TV presenter.



Speaking after the video went viral, MC Casmir claimed his house was turned into a crime scene. He also promised to get justice against those who recorded him.



He wrote;




“Ladies and Gentles This Case has attracted public and state Interest because of the Video circulating. Officers involved at my house that turned it into a crime scene , those that arrested me and the man who recorded video are All being brought to justice one by one. Damages caused will be cleared. Thanks to those who are standing by me.”


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