Ugezu: Money Rules Religion. Bishops Don’t Anchor Funerals, Weddings Of The Poor 


Nigerian filmmaker, Ugezu J. Ugezu has stated that money rules organized religion, IGBERETV reports.


In a post shared on his Instagram page which he captioned “Reflections…”, Ugezu averred that Bishops only anchor the weddings or funerals of ”money families” but are not available for poor families no matter the level the families’ dedication to the church.

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Ugezu wrote;

“Money has a very disturbing place in the center of organized religion. The only burial the Bishop anchors is that of a money family. The only marriage the Bishop takes the center stage is that of a money family. A poor family, no matter how dedicated, hardly attracts the Bishop. MONEY RULES ORGANIZED RELIGION. Argue with your phone.”

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