4 Websites That Pay Writers $200 to $400 per Article

Plus everything you need to know: the guidelines, contact emails, rates, and what the experience is like.

By Ashley Broadwater

As you may know, freelance writing has its challenges. You have to find the right publication, send them a solid pitch, and hope the rate is high enough to help pay the bills. The list goes on.
I’m here because I want to make that easier for you with a pitching guide.
Here are four publications I’ve written for and had a good experience with, plus all the information you need to know about each. Let me know if you have questions!

Disclaimer: Please don’t reference this information or my name in your pitch. These experiences are mine and may not be the same for you, so sharing those aspects won’t help!

1. HuffPost Wellness

What they look for
HuffPost Wellness is all about relatable service journalism (aka, pieces with actionable advice, facts, and empathy). Some topics they like are COVID, body image, mental health, self-care, and medical conditions.

The guidelines are at the bottom of the pitching page.
Next steps
Once your pitch is ready, you can send it to wellness@huffpost.com.
The new standard rate is $400 for around 800–1100 words, paid directly to your bank account.

My experience

The editor I’ve worked with, Lindsay, is amazing. She and other staff handle the editing, and she’s incredibly kind and supportive. She also sends out monthly emails with story ideas, in which all you have to do is pitch how you’ll write it in a short form.

2. Diem

What they look for
Diem is a publication by and for women and nonbinary people. They’re looking for pieces that have experts, are explainers that encourage people to re-think a topic, and essays that respond to the news.
The topics they’re looking for right now are building an equitable internet, who has power in web3, how financial power gives you control, feminine leadership, and the intersection of sex and power.


Diem has a helpful pitching guidelines page.
Next steps
After following the guidelines, you can send your pitch to Taylor (taylor@askdiem.com) and Emma (emma@askdiem.com).
The rate is $200 for around 700 words, paid via PayPal. Note: PayPal may take a fee!

My experience
These editors are responsive and respectful. They also only require 700 words, which isn’t much — especially with a $200 rate. (At least compared to some other publications out there!)

3. Giddy

What they look for
Giddy, aka www.getmegiddy.com, is the world’s largest sexual health platform. The editors accept pitches for pieces on women’s health, men’s health, sexual health, mental health, culture, lifestyle, and more.


Giddy doesn’t have a guidelines page, but you can check out the about page (and the articles already published) for details on what they like.
Next steps
Have a pitch? Here are some ways to contact editors:
General email: contact@getmegiddy.com
Nicole: nlane@getmegiddy.com
Alisa: awilliams@getmegiddy.com
Hannah: hwisterman@getmegiddy.com
The rate I usually get is $300, but I’ve heard the range is $200 to $400. It goes straight to your bank account. The required word count is usually around 700 to 1100-ish.

My experience

Nicole is my main editor, and she’s amazing. Very friendly, happy to work with you, helpful with edits, all the things!
FYI: Usually, you’ll have to go through a couple of rounds of edits with Giddy, in which several editors will look at your piece and make suggestions.

4. The Good Trade

What they look for
The Good Trade is an inclusive publication that aims to help people take care of themselves, others, and the planet. They take pitches for brand recommendations, thoughtful essays, and researched pieces.


Check out the editorial standards and guidelines page and the about page. Pitching information is toward the bottom of the former.
Next steps
After reading through the guidelines, pitch the editor! Kayti Christian was the editor I worked with, but I’m not sure she still works there. The best email for pitching is:
The rate is $200 for 800–1000 words, paid via PayPal.

My experience
I enjoyed writing for this publication! They only required one round of edits and gave you some freedom with them.

While breaking into the freelance writing field takes time, courage, and effort, it’s not impossible. Several publications are out there with editors who are happy to work with you and pay you at least $200 for your work.
Just make sure your pitch fits the publication and isn’t already on the website, and you’re on the right track!

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