I’m Stressed out – 3-year-old Boy Tells Mum He Doesn’t Want to Go to School (Video)



A Nigerian mother has shared a video of the interaction she and her son, Jeremy had while she was taking him to school.

By Henry Iheanacho

The 3-year-old boy who was in his uniform told his mum that he doesn’t wat to go to school because he is stressed out.


His mum was surprised at his utterance and she decided to question him about the day he started school.

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She mentioned that he just resumed school the previous day yet he is already complaining of being stressed out.


She repeated the question to her boy and Jeremy answered in the affirmative that he is indeed stressed out.


In response, his mum said that she may discontinue paying his school fees since he is already feeling tired of going.

The woman stated that she would henceforth stop wasting her time paying school fees for him.


Watch the video below:




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