UK Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students: The Ultimate Guide


It is advisable to have a shot at the UK institutions giving scholarships after acquiring an undergraduate certificate.

The uk post graduate scholarships are always open to all students who have worked hard to get their undergraduate degrees. It is advisable to have a shot at the UK institutions giving scholarships after acquiring an undergraduate certificate.

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Though, studying in the UK can be quite stressful in terms of finance because the cost of living in the UK is quite high for people who don’t have relatives to help them through this process but it’s worth every stress one passes through.


Even when you can’t find one, we have a list of postgraduate UK institutions available to you. it also contains the steps needed in finding a UK postgraduate scholarship.


Scholarships for international students in the UK

Below, you’ll be able to see a drop down list of Uk universities. Some of them are government funded scholarships, organizational funded scholarships could be a prize for excellence. while some are funded by individuals who’s choice is to study in the Uk.


Types of scholarship for international students


Scholarships differ for people interested in studying in the uk.

There is a living allowance scholarship which covers the cost of living which includes, food, housing and travel.

There is a fee waiver scholarship which covers your tuition fees till the years you have to offer the course is ended.

There is a travel grant scholarship which covers the cost of travel to the uk And from the uk.

There’s always something for you depending on the type of scholarship you are looking for, it can be living allowance scholarship which is the most preferred by many.

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Top 5 Organizations offering scholarships


Common wealth scholarship for developing common wealth countries:


This is specifically for under developed countries under developed countries in the common wealth. The scholarships are basically for masters and phd levels.


Mpower Global citizen scholarship

They offer scholarships to international students who are enrolled on a degree program full time. And the degree program must be supported by Mpower.


Mpower monthly salary series

This is a scholarship for international students with valid visa and are eligible to study in an institution supported by Mpower.


You can apply every month but application deadline is third Friday if every month.


The Royal Social Grants


This encompasses of best science practicing students in the world. They help scientists around the world, who want’s to move to the uk to further their education by awarding them scholarship of performance, some of their goals include:


To encaurage collaboration to an international stage


To make people understand how important science is to human existence And why people should embrace science


To promote the art of science

The chevening scholarships


These are offered by the United Kingdom government for students academic excellence, students who have aced their courses, and students who posses high leadership skills. There’s always about 1,500 scholarships available from chevening to students across the globe. Most Nigerian students come out with 9 distinctions in their waec and this can attract a scholarship price from this institutions.


Most times they offer scholarships to students that ace their jamb examinations with the highest marks. Check here for correct jamb answers


The ultimate guide to Applying for a uk postgraduate scholarship


Finding an institution offering a postgraduate scholarship is the first step to take and you can find them on google, YouTube or from a friend who’s based in the uk.


After finding an institution offering a scholarship, read through the criteria required for eligibility to know if you are eligible for this scholarship.



Provide the required Documentation from the school of choice e.g academic achievements and English language capability.


Proceed to submit a scholarship application form and essay, then wait for approval.


Guidelines for writing a good scholarship application form


To write a better application form, you need to pay attention to some vital steps. The school of choice might provide you with what they need on the application form And you are expected not to omit any of them. Make sure you read those guidelines carefully before you begin writing you application letter/form


Be specific about your choice in the school e.g the course you want to study. Do not jump from one place to another and make it look confusing to the reader.


Write why you want to study in their institution and how beneficial it’ll be to you and your career.

Put down your tertiary institution degree carefully, you might be required to be a first class or 2nd class upper student before you’ll be eligible for the scholarship.


Conclusion of the application form


Proofreading: make sure you scan through everything you have written and make corrections on the typographies, make sure it looks professional to the reader. You can require the help of someone to read and make corrector you.


How to find scholarships for international students


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Findings a scholarship for international students is not really as hectic as it looks, just make sure you are following the right channels. There are institutions that offer uk scholarships and some of them include:

Imperial college London

Kings college London

London school of economics and political science

University of Cambridge

University of Oxford

University of West England:

The West of England University offer Academic excellence scholarships to students who have put in their best during the academic year (they give out up to £2,000 award for first year undergraduates)

Frequently asked questions


Q: How can international students get a full scholarship in the uk


international students can get a full scholarship in the uk By:

Searching for institutions offering scholarships

Reading their terms and conditions

Following the process as instructed

providing the complete documents as requested by the institution.

Submitting the application form before the application deadline.


Q: Is it hard to get a scholarship in uk for an international student


It might seems difficult at first, but with the complete requirements from your school of choice, you won’t see it as something difficult because the process will just be a very smooth one. The brilliant once see it as an ABC when it comes to scholarships because they ace their courses thereby attracting scholarships to themselves without stress. Check here for correct waec answers


Q: How much CGPA is required for scholarship in uk


It all depends on the course you want to further, when you are offered scholarship by an organization you must have attained a 1st class or second class honors with about 3.5-5.0 CGPA. Even when you are pushing for the scholarship by yourself, having a CGPA of 3.5-4.0 will increase your chances of being offered the admission.



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