We Know Things Are Hard but Manage and Come – Nigerian Lecturer Begs Students as He Meets Scanty Hall (Video)


Nigerian lecturer was stunned when he went to class and saw that most of his students did not show up for commencement of lectures.

By Deborah Akpobome


He appealed to students to do whatever they can to make their way to school because the school authority has mandated them to start the semester.

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According to him, whether they choose to come or not, he will carry on teaching his course in line with the syllabus.



There were about seven students in the lecture hall with him.

The man noted that they know the situation of the country and admitted things are hard, but appealed for undergraduates to use the little they have to use as transport fare.

He also said if they can ask their parents for money and manage to come to school, God will see them through.


Watch the video below:


Source: Correctng.com

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