Justin and Hailey Bieber Grappling With Marital Struggles After Messy Mean Girl Drama [Report]

A complex, one-sided feud erupted a few weeks ago between Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin. Sort of.

The fallout from the drama seemed to even overshadow Justin Bieber’s birthday this month.

Now, some fans are seeing signs — and not for the first time — of possible marital issues for the Biebers.

It turns out that this would-be power couple has suffered from major insecurities from the start. And it’s exactly what you think.

They got married very young and didn’t know what they were getting into,” the insider noted. That much was obvious.

“And,” the source characterized, “it’s been up and down ever since.”

Dating the same guy can be fun, and a source of bonding that can form the basis of a lifelong friendship.

It can also be a source of deep bitterness. Especially if you’re not really friends to begin with … and one of you ends up marrying him.

Now imagine that the guy is head over heels for his most famous love … and then, just months after their final breakup, proposes to the other. Like she was his backup plan. Now she’s his wife … but these lingering feelings and insecurities won’t go away.

Yes, Hailey married Justin. But even without feeling like Plan B, Justin and Selena had nearly a decade of on-again, off-again romance.

“Hailey’s always been insecure over Justin and Selena,” the insider dished.

“People saw them as them as this perfect couple,” the source astoundingly claimed. “Which is far from the truth, but Selena is so likable.” Well, that part is true — Selena is a marvel.

As many of us are painfully aware, there was recently a revival — not Selena’s excellent album, Revival — of tensions on this front.

Selena had a minor eyebrow mishap and shared it with her fans and followers. She also reclaimed her place as most followed Instagram account.

That was the extent of her role in any of this. None of her words or actions had to do with Hailey whatsoever.

However, within hours of Selena’s post, Kylie and Hailey were — for some reason — comparing eyebrows over video chat.

Kylie then shared this to her Instagram Story. Even though she is a grown woman with two kids, some suspected that she was shading Selena.

Selena herself even stepped in to try to diffuse the situation, noting that she did not think that there were bad intentions — at least, not on Kylie’s part. She added that she is a “fan” of Kylie. Extremely diplomatic of her.

However, fans could not help but notice all of this go down. It seemed like either a weird coincidence or an even weirder instance of petty shade.

Meanwhile, those on social media began to remind themselves — and each other — of Hailey’s history with Selena.

For years, people have documented how Hailey seems to copy Selena. We don’t just mean launching beauty brands, but giving almost word-for-word answers in interviews that mirror Selena’s.

There is a lengthy, lengthy history of Hailey seemingly obsessing over Selena Gomez. Her business ventures, her social media posts, her statements in interviews.

We’re not just talking about the past. This week, Selena posted a throwback photo from her childhood. You know who else did? Hailey. Totally innocuous on its own, but it’s part of a larger pattern that creeps people out.

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