Lightening Bolt Strikes two Beach Goers Dead (video)

Two people were struck down by the same lightning bolt at a beach in Mexico and it was caught on video.

Another person was left injured in the incident.


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The footage, which is going viral on social media with millions of views, was captured on a beach in Aquila, in southwest Michoacan, Mexico.

It shows a person being hit by a bolt of lightning as another person, who was standing nearby, was hit by the same bolt.




Mexican authorities have since confirmed that two people who were fatally hit by the lightning were a tourist and a hammock seller. The first person, which reports say was a woman, died on the spot.



A man was said to be the second victim. He passed away after being taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Reports say a third person was injured in the incident and that they survived.


Watch the video below:



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