Nigerians Side U.S. Magazine for a Brutal Takedown of Burna Boy’s Album, Behavior



Several Nigerians on social media have sided with the U.S. Magazine Vulture in their takedown of Burna Boy’s recently released album “I Told Them” and his controversial behaviour.

Lawrence Burney’s article, “Burna Boy Sounds Creatively Exhausted,” highlights significant issues surrounding Burna Boy’s career management.

The piece initially emphasises the Grammy award winner’s preference for African artistes outside his home country, subtly pushing the narrative of redirecting “displaced children of Africa back to their homeland.”

By Femi Ajanaku

It highlights a disconnect between Burna Boy’s message and his actions, especially for someone who calls himself an African Giant. The article notes, “In posturing his music within the tradition of Pan-Africanism, Burna Boy is making a habit of speaking as an ill-informed authority without embracing the accountability of a true leader.”

Burna Boy, who has over the years bragged about his musical prowess in 2019, stated, “I care about crossing over, but in the opposite way — I want to come here and cross you over to where I am because where I am is your actual home.”


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However, in his recent album, “I Told Them,” the multiple award-winning singer featured only one Nigerian artiste, Seyi Vibes, focusing more on international collaborations.

The New York Magazine’s post, which was shared on X, has generated over 4,300 reposts, 3,600 quotes and four million views; it has seen Burna Boy face backlash, mostly from Nigerians, a testament to the fact that the “Ye” crooner’s quest for international validation comes with a price.

A social commentator, JJ Omojuwa, said he had no issue with Burna Boy per se but had doubts about the creative process of his recently released album.




“The content is nicer than the title. The album review itself definitely speaks my mind. Glad I posted my views to X before this. It’s not the artist. He is a genius. But this latest album? Far from his best effort. It won’t stop it from doing numbers,” he said.

A sporting account on X, @Sportingking365, acknowledged that the article’s content was apt, saying, “You can’t just shit on your people and the music. Music is melody before the substance you claim is lacking. There are two ways to criticise. He’s now acknowledging himself as 2Pac reincarnated. Omo.”

Another user, @JoyisBack, wrote, “We Nigerians don’t want Burna boy again, we dash the Ghanaians” on the microblogging app.

Also, @Chief Nomso said, “Wasted all his years scapegoating & insulting us for Western praise only for him to be dragged ragged on the streets on New York. This tastes sweeter than you can imagine.”

Speaking about how Burna Boy has disgraced both Afrobeats and Afrofusion, @Officially_Kriz opined, “Burna boy is now disgracing Afrobeats…sorry, afrofusion.”


“Dude has insecurity issues,” @ ill_nojie, another user, said.


The self-proclaimed African Giant has faced criticism for making unguarded statements and remaining silent when necessary. His recent comment in an interview with Apple Music, where he criticised Afrobeats for lacking “substance,” has generated widespread criticism.

Rather than addressing the negative energy he has generated, especially with his home fans, Burna Boy believes his audience abroad understands him better.

“You know they say a prophet is not recognised in his home. So this one is for the people in my own home who didn’t believe,” he said in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, which quickly gained popularity.



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