Emeka Ike’s Wife Breaks Her Silence Days after He Granted an Interview Claiming He Lost His School and Properties after She Accused Him of Assault(video)


Suzanne Emma, the ex-wife of actor, Emeka Ike, has come out to speak her truth about their marriage.

This comes after the actor granted an interview where he accused Suzanne of destroying him while they were married.

In his interview with Channels TV, the 56-year-old actor said he has been depressed for a long time over the things he experienced when married to Suzanne. He said he left home for the U.S. with just a luggage, not knowing that his wife had allegedly plotted his “downfall”. He added that he was still on the way to the U.S. when his ex-wife went to his secondary school, asked all the students to leave, and shut down the school. He said she did the same at his home as she removed all of his properties, making him come back to an empty house.



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He said he lost like 80 percent of his lands and his properties to her and that he felt like committing suicide. He added that his wife accused him of assault to further damage his life.


“I never beat this lady” he insisted


However, in an interview with Chude, Suzanne said her ex-husband was abusive. She narrated how he allegedly punched her at a hospital while they were still married when they took their sick child for treatment. She went on to describe Emeka as a Sociopath.



Watch a snippet from the interview below…



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