Doctor Finally Settles Morning vs Evening Shower Debate 


Half of all Brits shower at least once a day, but when is the best time to do so?

While on one hand, you get to wash a day’s worth of grime off at the end of a long day, wouldn’t you rather be freshly-showered for work? It’s a difficult choice.

As a whole, people in the UK prefer baths over showers, but when it comes to practicality over luxury, we remain divided on the ideal time to have one.

Luckily, Dr Jason Singh has taken to TikTok to settle this debate once and for all — and his reasoning might surprise you.


By Charlotte Colombo


He admits that although morning showers are perhaps more hygienic, it’s our evening scrubs that provide the most health benefits.

A nighttime shower has ‘three things going for it,’ he noted in a video which has been viewed over 718,000 times.

‘A warm shower triggers the release of melatonin, which is a sleep inducing hormone, and as you towel off, your body cools down to the appropriate temperature.’


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According to Dr Jason, ‘these two things, when combined, transitions into better sleep.’

He also says another reason why a hosing down before bed is because ‘it helps to wash away the entire day’s grime, be it environmental pollutants sweat, or mysterious odours.’

‘[And] if you’re prone to dry or sensitive skin, then showering at night is a better way to help hydrate your skin,’ he added.

But that doesn’t mean morning showers should be completely discounted.

‘A morning shower has really one benefit, and that’s better hygiene,’ Dr Jason continued.



‘We know your body can accumulate some germs such as bacteria and fungus through processes like sweating and shedding skin cells

‘The byproduct of these creates an odour, and so morning showers cleanses the bacteria and skin secretions that have built up, bringing the skin microbe biome to a more hygienic baseline.’

We lose roughly 300,000 skin cells every night while we sleep, along with half a litre or more of sweat. That’s why it’s so important to regularly wash your sheets, as well as why you may feel a little gross when you wake up — especially when it’s warm outside.

So, while evening showers ultimately win out, perhaps we shouldn’t forgo a morning freshen up entirely.



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