Man with Dreadlocks Embarrassed as Pastor Uses Him as Example of Who Ladies Shouldn’t Choose 


Man with dreadlocks embarrassed as pastor uses him as example of who ladies shouldn’t choose – man dreadlocks pastor church

By Henry

A Nigerian man known as @yoruba_dev on Twitter, has shared his embarrassing experience in church after being used as a negative example by the pastor.


The guy who wears dreadlocks attended church service on Sunday and the minister decided use some men to speak on relationship matters.

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He and a group of other young men were called up to the pulpit and the pastor gave a breakdown of the kind of men he believes they are.


According to the affected man, the cleric said that he may look attractive on the outside because of what he wore and his appearance but that looks can be deceiving.



He shared a video of the incident and wrote; “I enter church pastor use me do example of the kind of man you shouldn’t follow…. You can’t make this up.”

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Social media users made fun of him in the comment section and it got to him so much that he deleted his Twitter page.


Watch the clip below:




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