Suspected Diabolic Man Spotted in a CCTV Footage Allegedly Engaging in a Ritual in the Middle of the Night (video)


A suspected diabolic man has been spotted in a CCTV footage allegedly engaging in a ritual in the middle of the night.

In the footage captured on the midnight of Monday, June 26, and shared by a lady on Tiktok, the man was spotted placing his hands on the wall as part of the rituals he was allegedly conducting, before proceeding to the TikTok user’s fence to dig and bury the item he was carrying.


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The TikTok user was seen in the CCTV footage getting out of the confront the man.

She revealed that when she got out of the house, she heard the man making an incantation against someone he said will never have children. The man also extended the incantation to his victim’s generation.



Upon confronting the man, he reportedly queried the lady and asked if she’s not afraid to make such move. Shortly after the confrontation, he fled the area.


Watch the video here.



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