Wife Uses Her Car to Run Over Her Cheating Husband And His Sidechic (Video)



A video has surfaced online showing the moment a jilted wife ran over her husband and his mistress.

The footage was released online two years after the incident.

By Thandiubani

The CCTV video, shows the dramatic attack which sees Christie-Lee Kennedy ram her white BMW SUV into her spouse David Larkin and his lover Zowie Noring in Queensland, Australia.

Kennedy can then be seen exiting her vehicle and hitting Noring in the head.

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While the footage has just been released to the public, the video was taken as evidence in a court case that held Australians spellbound for months.

The video shows Larkin and Noring locked in an embrace on a quiet street in March 2021 before the white SUV comes on the scene.

The court heard how Kennedy used an app to track down her cheating spouse before the attack after he reportedly told her was picking up their kids from daycare. However, during the trial Kennedy claimed she never intended to hit the victims with her car, and simply had pumped the brakes too late.



Last month the jury accepted Kennedy’s explanation and found her not guilty on two counts of “malicious acts with intent to disable.”


Meanwhile, in the same video Kennedy can be seen exiting her vehicle after the collision and attacking Noring, pulling her by the hair and striking her in the head.


A man living on the street where the incident took place, said in court;

“I heard the thud from inside and we had the TV cranked up and you could hear ‘bang’,” Scummy said. “I picked up my phone, called the ambos [ambulance] and my boy chased that girl down the road.”


In April last month, Judge Paul Smith ultimately settled on sentencing Kennedy to nine months in jail for two offenses — dangerous operation of a vehicle and common assault charge. Both sentences were suspended. She will serve no prison time.

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“I think it would be fair to conclude that you would be quite shocked about what you saw there despite what suspicions you had prior,” the judge said.


“You’re obviously an excellent employee and a very good mother and it’s a real shame you committed this offense but I do form a firm view that this offending is out of character and it’s unlikely you’ll reoffend with anything like this,” Judge Smith continued.


Kennedy was ordered to pay $5000 Australian dollars to each victim; she was given two weeks to pay each party or face a potential month in jail.

Kennedy was also suspended from driving for nine months.

Kennedy’s former spouse David Larkin and Zowie Noring are now an official couple and are planning to get married.


See the video below:



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