“You’re a Prostitute” US-based Nigerian Man Confronts the Wife he Recently Married from Nigeria for Allegedly Giving Him Gonorrhea (video)


A viral video shows a US-based Nigerian man and his wife fighting over allegations of infidelity and infection with an STI.




The Nigerian man is seen accusing his wife Chinenye of sleeping around and infecting him with gonorrhea.

According to reports, the man has lived in the US for a while and returned to Nigeria two years ago to marry Chinenye before taking her to the US.


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Their argument was rather heated and soon turned physical.


The couple threw abusive words at each other as the husband kept insisting his wife is promiscuous.

The husband said: “You f**k your lover, you come here and stay like nothing happened?

The wife responded: “You f**k all the girls you f**k too.”



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The husband said: “I don’t need you. You’re a prostitute.”

The wife, Chinenye hit back, saying: “No one wants you.”

“You be here, begging me to f*** you,” the man said.

He continued: “I don’t need you. You’re disgusting Chinenye. Your pu*** smell. You have given me gonorrhea.”


“You’re a whore. You’re a fu**ing whore Chinenye. You fu** everybody you see,” he added.

“Starting from tomorrow, it’s a new ball game.”

Chinenye responded: “OK, it’s a new ball game, let’s see.”

“Bet me,” the husband said as the video ends.

Watch the video below.



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