Why You Should Stop Wearing Makeup To Sleep, According To Experts –


If you have ever worn makeup to sleep say aye. Aye!


I am so guilty, some of us more than others. Most of us are aware of the many dangers of wearing makeup to sleep but sometimes we just can’t help it. I recently went three consecutive days without taking my makeup off and the result, to say the least, was devastating. I had huge painful acne on my face and dry patchy looking skin that made me look years above my age! This cost me two weeks to partially recover from the damage. Just in case you are trying to pull a similar stunt, you might want to have a rethink.

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Dermatologists have said that one of the dangers of sleeping with makeup consistently is that it might begin to take its toll on your complexion and skin issues such as acne, skin irritation, and premature ageing might develop. They also say sleeping with makeup is so bad that it can significantly increase breakouts, blemishes, and skin dryness.


When we sleep our bodies recover from the various stresses and hazards it experiences during the day, our skin sheds this and regenerates its cells. By leaving makeup on, we are creating a barrier to the skin’s natural exfoliation and replenishment process. What’s more, the makeup actually clings to free radicals in the environment, these free radicals over time results in fine lines and premature ageing.

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Sleeping consistently, with makeup can cause dryness, redness, irritation, infection, swelling around the eyes, and chapped lips. Imagine all the heartache for 5hrs of sleep?


Also, you will have more wrinkles when you sleep with your makeup. The dirt and makeup trapped on your skin can cause some damage which leads to premature aging of the face and skin breakdown.

Especially, people with oily skin that wear makeup to sleep can worsen their skin conditions. The same also applies to people with acne.

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To avoid all these, makeup removers such as Neutrogena makeup Remover Towelette and simple wipes should always be by your bedside, in your car on even in your purse for those super tired nights, you can actually wipe your face on the move before you get into bed. Also, remember to wipe off the lipstick and replace it with a generous covering of balm (my personal favorite is Maybelline baby lips) to put back moisture on your lips.


Be good.

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