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Father Oluoma: If Your Wife Slaps You, Go And Drink Beer (Video)

Controversial Nigerian cleric, Reverend Father Oluoma Chinyere John has told married men what they should do if their wives hit them, IGBERETV reports.


The clergyman said that it is wrong for a man to return a slap from his wife. He said that it is only a man with a canal mind that would return a slap from his wife

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The cleric directed his advice towards spiritually minded men. He advised that the best way for a man to respond if his wife slaps him is to leave the house so he can calm down.


He also advised that in such situations the man should take a bottle of beer to calm his nerves.


In his words;


“Your wife slaps you. What do you do? A canal man, what will a canal man do? The slap will not even reach the man’s face, he will cease the hand there and break all the four fingers first, and beat the living daylight out of the woman.”


“A spiritually matured progressive wife cannot slap the husband. But if you are a man and you are unfortunate and your wife slaps you, measured response. Oga, don’t do anything. Carry your cloth, go out of the house.


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“If the blessed sacrament is far from you, do one Our Father, three Haile Maries, go and take one bottle of Hero. When you take one bottle of Hero, you calm down, you hear? Measured response. You begin to consult with the Holy Spirit, what do I do? You will get a response.”


See video below

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