If I See you Near my Babe – Nigerian Man Issues Stern Warning to his Dogs (Video)

By Henry Iheanacho 


A Nigerian man has sternly warned his pet dogs never to go near his girlfriend when he is not around.

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In a video he posted on Instagram, the man told his two dogs that he does not want to ever see any of them near his babe.

He threatened to lock them inside the house while going out so that they would not do anything condemnable.



Watch the video below:


Though the video is circulating online due to a recent revelation about Lagos girls, social media users were more drawn to the condition of his dogs in the clip.

__doziee; Treat your dog bro..that dog no well

edward_richy__; See how the dog looks I wonder how the owner look too 🤣🤣😹

lizzyonyeanusi; Those dogs look unhealthy, that guy doesn’t deserve those fur babies..

magelyveltor; 😢😢 why is this puppy Hurt and Bleeding!!!!

sommie_the_great; This guy us abusing these dogs! 🤬🤬 Animal cruelty! Having them locked up and all.

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