Panic as Man Swindled at GSM Village Returns with ‘Juju’ to Invoke Curses (Watch video)




A young man resorted to adopting a spiritual approach after he got swindled at a popular GSM village in Ghana.


By Henry Iheanacho

He was said to have purchased a phone at the market in Kumasi and went home to see that it was packaged carton.


But he was not willing to let it go, so he got some fetish substances and stormed the marketplace where he then invoked curses on the people that swindled him.


In a video making the rounds on social media, he could be seen emptying a bottle on the floor while reciting some incantations.

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Traders became scared that he put a curse on all of them, so when he was done and began to leave, they followed him, pleading that he revokes whatever he did.

The disgruntled customer was not listeing to anything they said as he continued walking.


Watch the video below:




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