Pi Network Founder Nicolas Kokkalis Addresses Pending KYC Concerns, Assures Swift Resolution Before Open Mainnet Launch



In a recent statement, Nicolas Kokkalis, the founder of Pi Network, has assured the community that he and his team are actively working towards resolving all pending Know Your Customer (KYC) concerns. Kokkalis empathized with users who have been patiently waiting for their KYC approval, acknowledging their frustration and assuring them that a solution is on its way.

By Angela Beckham

Pi Network, a decentralized cryptocurrency project, has gained significant traction and attention since its inception. However, the platform’s impending launch of the Open Mainnet has brought to light a concern regarding unapproved KYC applications, leaving some users uncertain about their verification status. To address this issue, Kokkalis took the initiative to provide a response and offer reassurance to the community.


“We want to solve this issue before Open Mainnet. Thanks for your patience,” stated Kokkalis, emphasizing the team’s commitment to resolving all pending KYC applications promptly. The Pi Network founder recognized the importance of addressing this matter, as the successful completion of the KYC process is vital for users to access the full benefits of the platform.

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For you who are still wondering about unapproved KYC, here is Nicolas’s response.

“We want to solve this issue before Open Mainnet. Thanks for your patience.” – Nicolas.

So, stay patient, because no real pioneer will be left behind! #PiNetwork pic.twitter.com/rMoImQRFL0

— Pi Revolution π (@PiRevolutionX) May 30, 2023



Although specific details regarding the resolution were not provided, Kokkalis expressed his determination to ensure a swift and satisfactory resolution for all users affected by pending KYC applications. With the Open Mainnet launch on the horizon, the Pi Network team aims to create an environment that instills trust and reliability within its user base.

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The Know Your Customer process plays a crucial role in financial systems, including cryptocurrency platforms, as it verifies the identity and legitimacy of users. KYC procedures are often implemented to comply with regulatory requirements and to prevent illicit activities such as money laundering or fraud.


As Pi Network prepares for the highly anticipated Open Mainnet launch, which is expected to unlock various features and opportunities for its users, addressing the pending KYC concerns has become a top priority. By ensuring a smooth and efficient KYC verification process, Pi Network aims to establish a secure foundation for its growing user base.



Nicolas Kokkalis concluded his statement by expressing gratitude for the community’s patience and support during this process. He reiterated the team’s commitment to delivering a robust and user-friendly platform while maintaining transparency and addressing user concerns along the way.

As Pi Network continues its journey towards the Open Mainnet launch, users eagerly await the resolution of their pending KYC applications. With Nicolas Kokkalis at the helm, the Pi Network community remains optimistic that the upcoming solution will provide a seamless and inclusive experience for all users.



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