Pi Network Core Team Introduces Advanced KYC Solution with Machine Automation and Human Verification



Pi Network, the groundbreaking cryptocurrency project, has unveiled its latest innovation in Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions. The Pi Network Core Team has combined the power of machine automation and human verification to create an accurate and efficient KYC process for its ever-growing user base.

By  Rebecca Ahoame

With the aim of ensuring the security and integrity of the network, Pi Network’s KYC solution employs advanced technologies to streamline the verification process. Machine automation takes center stage in processing, analyzing, and obfuscating Pioneer information, forming the initial layer of verification.

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This automated system efficiently handles the bulk of data processing, enabling the platform to scale and accommodate millions of pioneers who seek KYC verification. By leveraging machine automation, Pi Network can expedite the verification process and enhance its overall efficiency.


⚡@PiCoreTeam’s KYC solution itself combines machine automation and human verification to complete accurate and efficient KYC for everyone. Machine automation will be responsible for processing, analyzing and obfuscating Pioneer information. A KYC-verified human verifier may… pic.twitter.com/zk1CNlv29O


— Pi News (@PiNewsMedia) May 29, 2023


However, the Core Team recognizes the importance of human verification to ensure the highest level of accuracy. After the machine automation process, a KYC-verified human verifier steps in to assess the obfuscated information and certain parts of the submission. This crucial step adds an extra layer of scrutiny, providing a thorough and reliable KYC process.


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The inclusion of human verification has several key advantages. Firstly, it minimizes data exposure to human verifiers, thereby safeguarding pioneer privacy. By obfuscating sensitive information through machine automation, Pi Network reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to personal details.

Secondly, the hybrid approach of combining machine automation and human verification helps catch a maximum number of fraudulent applications. Automated systems excel at processing vast amounts of data, flagging potential irregularities and red flags. However, human verifiers possess the intuition and discernment necessary to identify more nuanced signs of fraudulent activity. By working in tandem, machine automation and human verification significantly enhance the platform’s ability to detect and prevent fraudulent applications.


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The Core Team’s commitment to improving machine automation components is driven by three primary factors. Firstly, scalability is vital to accommodate the growing user base of pioneers seeking KYC verification. As the network expands, the machine automation system ensures that each verification request can be processed efficiently, minimizing delays for the pioneers.

Secondly, reducing data exposure to human verifiers highlights Pi Network’s dedication to protecting pioneer privacy. By employing obfuscation techniques and automation, Pi Network mitigates the risk of privacy breaches and maintains the trust of its users.



Lastly, the goal of catching the maximum number of fraudulent applications underscores Pi Network’s commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy ecosystem. By continuously refining and enhancing machine automation components, the Core Team ensures that potential fraudulent activities are swiftly identified and thwarted, preserving the integrity of the network.

Pi Network’s innovative KYC solution, combining machine automation and human verification, sets a new standard for accuracy, efficiency, and privacy in the cryptocurrency space. With a focus on scalability, data protection, and fraud prevention, Pi Network is poised to revolutionize the way KYC processes are conducted in the industry.


Source: Newsway

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