“Please Don’t Draw Tattoo” — Lady Pleads as She Shares Painful Experience (Video)

A young lady shares her excruciating experience after getting a tattoo on her arm which resulted in skin irritation.

By Ismail
A video making the rounds on social media captured the condition of a lady’s arm after getting a tattoo on her body.

While advising against inking the body, the lady revealed the transformation of her arm at different periods of getting the procedure. The arm which was swollen right after the inking the tattoo dried up to form a brown unattractive patch.

Watch the video below …


The video, however, stirred mixed reactions from social media users who questioned the logic behind getting a tattoo while others blamed the skin irritation on the lady’s skin reaction.


@princess_is_royalty1 wrote, “We just like doing things to our bodies without testing. This lady was supposed to do a patch test. It obvious she is reacting to the ink of the tattoo or even the needle. Before you do any thing to your body, try do testing. For me, I no kuku like needle. I no like tattoo. I see absolutely nothing cute about tattoos.”


Another user @kiks_molen added, “Jesus Christ? I go still draw sha for better place? maybe her skin reacts to injuries or they used unsterilized needles for her or it was done by a Quack.”


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