Shocking Video of a Child Dangling off the Back of a Moving Immigration Truck While Officers Watch 


A shocking footage of a young child hanging from the arms of a detained woman through the barred door of a truck in the Dominican Republic has generated outrage on social media.

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Videos of the incident, which occurred Saturday, June 3 in the municipality of Santo Domingo, showed the child dangling off the back of a moving immigration control truck used by local authorities to transport illegal migrants.

The child appears to be kept from falling by a woman inside the vehicle, whose arms stretch through the bars of the door.



An immigration agent sitting on the back of the truck, next to the child, seems to be speaking as he extends a hand and rests it on the child’s shoulder.

Reacting to the viral videos, the country’s migration director Venancio Alcántara described the incident as “a disturbing and heartbreaking incident.”




The migration agency said on Monday that the agent seen sitting in the back of the truck has been fired, noting that he had only been in his job for 20 days.

The woman, a Haitian national, was released after the agents became aware of the situation, it also said.



Watch the video below…

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