Putin Puts Satan II Missile, Capable Of Wiping London, On Combat Duty (Photos)

With a range of about 11,000 miles, strategic targets in the US such as New York or Washington DC are well within striking distance.

“The Sarmat strategic complex has been put on combat duty,” the head of the Russian space agency Yuri Borisov told a group of students earlier today.

The terrifying missiles were slated to become operational at the end of 2022, however, this was delayed for unknown reasons.

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Last year, Vladimir Putin said: “In the near future, Sarmat ICBMs will be put on combat duty for the first time.

“We know there will be a certain delay in time but this does not change our plans – everything will be done.”

Vladimir Putin’s terrifying Sarmat strategic missile system – also known as the Satan II – is ready for “combat duty”, according to the head of Moscow’s space agency.



Russia has issued a chilling nuclear warning to the West as Vladimir Putin put his Satan II nuclear missiles on “combat duty”, according to Moscow’s space agency.

The Sarmat, or Satan II, missile is a behemoth nuclear weapon capable of carrying up to 15 warheads across the globe and wiping out the United States. The weapon can also carry up to 24 Russian Avangard hypersonic glide vehicles, each capable of carrying a nuclear warhead 27 times the speed of sound.


The super heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles can reportedly reach the UK – 1,600 miles from where they are stationed – in just six minutes.


Source: Nairaland

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