Ukraine: US Politicians Are Bloodtasty For Murder, Death – Majorie Taylor Greene 

US  congresswoman, Rep Majorie Taylor Greene, representing Georgia 14th District, has criticised the US government for their role in the ongoing Russia-Ukrainian war. She also stated that she will vote against the Ukraine-bill which seeks to allocate more funds to the Ukraine war.


She said :

“I am going to fight Ukraine funding, i am so purely disgusted with this, they are so bloodtasty for murder and death in Ukraine. Ukraine civilians are being killed constantly. Russian soldiers are dying , Ukrainian soldiers are dying, other people that got into this war are dying.



I can’t understand why washington DC can’t be focus on world peace and bringing this two countries together to end that war. Rather than beating their chest, beating their war-drums and demanding the American people pay for it. I think its ridiculous and shame on them.

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…. It is not about support of the leadership team. I will not vote for it, i will whipp against it. I will not vote for it. How about peace?. How about American people not paying for it? ……..”


She also tweeted this:

I will not vote for Ukraine funding and I will whip against it.

Politicians in Washington are beating the war drums and demanding the American people pay for it.

Washington is so stupid for things like this.

See the video below:


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