Artificial Intelligence Can Now Steal Your Passwords With 100% Accuracy 



Hacking is becoming easier day by day, and now let’s explore how keyboard button presses are used for hacking.

With the help of AI you can easily be hacked by keyboard keystrokes sounds

Researchers at Cornell University have discovered a new method. They have introduced AI tools that can determine all your passwords from keystrokes. In other words, when you type, the AI can analyze the keystrokes and accurately determine your passwords with 100% accuracy.


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Researchers train the AI model using keystrokes(sound) as keywords. The same keystrokes are then listened to by this AI model, which is later implemented on a smartphone.

It uses the microphone to capture the sound of keystrokes and then replicates this sound on a MacBook, accurately noting the keystrokes with a 100% accuracy rate.

The team applied the same method during a Zoom call, where they were able to determine the victim’s password by listening to the sound of their keystrokes with a 93% accuracy rate. They also conducted a similar experiment on Skype, achieving an accuracy rate of 91.7%.



While artificial intelligence has made things easier in many aspects, it has also introduced significant challenges. We now need to be vigilant everywhere in our lives to prevent hacking. To safeguard against this, you can employ various strategies, such as using a high-quality keyboard that doesn’t produce distinctive sounds. This way, the AI model won’t be able to accurately listen to your keystrokes and compromise your security.

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