Celebrity DJ Asks Social Media Users to Help Find Talented School Boy Who Used His Mouth and Desk to act as Disc Jockey

By Henry Iheanacho 


A popular Kenyan Disc Jockey known as DJ Joe Mfalme, has expressed amazement at the creative ingenuity of a school boy who has a passion for the craft of DJ’ing.

The boy went viral after a video shared by Mfalme showed him acting like a DJ with nothing but a class desk and his mouth.


Students and staff of a school in Kenyan watched with keen interest as the gifted kid mixed music like a pro despite not having any sound equipment.

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Following how the pupil impressed many, DJ Mfalme launched a search for him and asked social media users to help him locate the boy.

He wrote; ”Who knows how I can get to this Kid.”


Watch the video below:




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