African-American Inmate Planning to Visit Africa, Marry Many Wives and Become King with $4 million Is Shocked as He Discovers that Africa Isn’t Really What He Thinks It Is


A correctional officer has revealed a conversation he had with an African-American inmate who thought he could have the whole Africa in his hands with just $4 million dollars.

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An African-American inmate once told me he could feed all of us in Africa. He said his plan was to come to Africa after he gets released and become a king and marry as many wives as possible. So, I asked, “how much are we talking about here?”

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He responded, “what do you mean?”. I asked again, “I mean, how much do you have to make you think you could?”


He asked again, “You think ain’t rich enough?”


At this point, it was almost impossible to keep my cool. I said, “just tell me how much?” He said he was worth close to $4m?


Bruhhhhhh, the way I laughed out loud. ????????


He asked why I was laughing, I asked him if he thought Africa was a neighborhood or something. A whole of Africa. Dude, go and feed your family first please. You are not even bright.


He asked if the richest person in Africa is even worth close to that. I said, go ask your people who Aliko Dangote is. He told me to write the name on paper for him. I did.

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He turned around and left. I called him back, “oh, don’t forget to ask about Africa and how big it is”. He went to make the call. He was so pumped. He went straight to the phone booth and called someone.


So, they googled it for him. He was calm after the phone call. I was looking at him like a bat. I remember Dangote was worth over $12b at that time. So, about an hr later, he gathered the courage to come to me.


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