Moment Bus Driver ‘Abandoned’ His Passengers to Join Obidients Rally in Lagos (Watch video)


A bus driver in Lagos stirred excitement and panic on Saturday when he momentarily abandoned his bus to join a rally which held in Lagos state for the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

By Henry Iheanacho

The solidarity 4 million-man-march in Lagos which took place in areas like Ikeja and Lekki saw massive turnout.


However, one of the highlights of the day was when a commercial driver who was tranporting passengers alighted from his bus while it was in motion and joined the march.

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In a video which is circulating online, he jumped down from the bus and started dancing together with the crowd while the bus was still moving.


Some passengers could be seen expressing fear and calling the driver’s attention to the fact that his vehicle was still moving.

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He was so captivated by the movement that he decided to finish the dance as other Obidients cheered and clapped for him. Another man jumped into his seat and handled the steering for him.


When he was done displaying dance moves, the man finally hopped back into the bus and allayed the passengers fears.



Sharing the video, Twitter user, @Makavelli275 wrote; Lagos State always does its own thing very differently ?????. Meanwhile, the entire state is in the bag ?


Watch the video:

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