Man Gives Son Hot Slaps for Using His Car to Take Girlfriend out Without Permission (Video)


A young Ghanaian boy has incurred his father’s wrath by driving his vehicle out without first seeking his permission.

The boy reportedly used the car to pick up his girlfriend named Juliana and they went to chill at his guest house.

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It was gathered that he lied to his dad that he was going to school, however, when the man went out, he used his car to take Juliana out.

When the man returned and could not find his car, he tracked the boy to the guest house where he and the girl were having fun.


A video making the rounds online shows the moment he was scolding the boy and landed some thunderous slaps on his face.

He also threatened to take both of the to the police station.

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He then stormed out of the building and started looking for his son’s girlfriend who in the premises.



Watch the video below:



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