My Girlfriend I Met on NYSC Camp Tried to Frame Me with a Fake Pregnancy Test Result She Downloaded from Nairaland


Man Shares his experience with a lady he met on Camp (NYSC)  trying to frame him for pregnancy with a lab result she downloaded from a social media platform Nairaland, the lab result in question was fake and confirmed by a medical practitioner to be a Semen Analysis rather than a pregnancy test.


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TRUE STORY: My Gf Downloaded Medical Report Off Nairaland To Lie That She’s Pregnant

Part 1

We met in Feb on our way to Taraba State for Nysc camp, we got closer in camp and started dating.

I would take care of her while in camp and ensured she was OK.

Last day of camp..

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I was posted near the capital and she was posted to a village.

So I paid for a hotel room and stayed back with her for 3 days while she tried redeploying to the capital.

We had sex during this time, the next day I used my hand to get postinor and gave her.

We headed to the park and took a bus home as her connect assured her she will be redeployed to the capital.

Getting home, her parent made her redeploy to Benin again, they said Taraba is too far.

She messaged that she needs 20k to sort the connect…. I sent Last month

she claimed she hadn’t seen her period, I sent her money for Strip test…. She did it and said it was negative..

Later she insisted she still hadn’t seen her period… I suggested she goes to a clinic for proper test and I sent her the money

3 days later she said she had gotten the result… And she sent me this

I sent the image to my medical practitioner friends and they stated that is not a pregnancy result.


The heading says “SEMEN ANALYSIS” which means its a result from analyzing a man’s sperm I confronted her and she continued to deny


I Google searched the image and discovered it was an image posted by someone on Nairaland in 2021

This was a girl I gave even my last dime to… A girl I sent money to without her even asking all in the name of I want to build a future with her..


I will add Photos of her so you know how to avoid someone like her in future

@Mizmiraj2 so can you explain why you sent me nairaland medical report and continued to defend the result… Even when I showed you it was from Nairaland

Also explain what evil I ever did to you… To make you do this.




What wrong did I do in trying to build something with you?

You lied it was a prank and blocked me after I told you I was gonna tell your mum and brother..

You felt everything would die off like that cos I am Mr. Nice Guy.. But I promised you I would expose what you did… With the same determination that I used in loving u

When she realized her plan had failed.. She began to shift goal

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If you have not seen your period..

1. Why did you send a fake medical report and claimed that you were pregnant?

2. What did you do with the money for strip test and laboratory test?

3. Why were you trying to abort pregnancy that does not exist?

In all of this i was calm and continued chatting with her…

She defended the result still


Y’all call me a simp but… If I didn’t provide chat of her defending the result. There would be no strong evidence.. of her deceit

I thank God I have receipts say what you want.!


Culled from @Gut_zeela

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