Breaking News: Sri Lanka in Disarray as Citizens Chase and kill Politicians as Well the Wealthy for Shortage of Food and Others(Video)


Sri Lanka has completely collapsed, angry citizens pursuing and killing politician and wealthy men in anger for food shortage, unemployment, power shortage.

It’s not the first time in history. It’s not likely to be the last too.

However Iniruo Wills has likened this to Nigeria’s current condition with the way things are turning out.

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It’s not the first time in history. It’s not likely to be the last too.

That’s why the CLASS DIMENSION to Nigeria’s and particularly the Niger Delta’s deep malaise needs to be highlighted over and above the religious, ethnic and other cultural dimensions, in my respectful view.

Across the land, a few folks insist on illegitimately attaining and maintaining [some are legit, to be fair] a life of luxury and stupendous wealth at the expense of the common good. Every collective interest is traded off for personal aggrandizement.

#1MillionMarch4PeterObi: Drama as Nigerians Rallying for #1MillionMarch4PeterObi Gather In Front of PDP Secretariat Clamoring “PDP Give Us Obi” (Video) 

See the present Accountant-Gen of the Federation that has been arrested for over N80 billion fraud. And the former MD of NDDC, Nsima Ekere, just another fairly successful professional in PH up till a few years ago: N47 billion fraud allegations.

Then two days ago, the conviction of a former SA to an MD of NDDC [I’m wondering if it’s the same kind of SA to MD work I did for years].

Typically, such folks (purported christians, muslims, Igbos, Ijaws, Fulani, politicians, militants, contractors, supposed professionals community leaders, service chiefs, etc) are in a race to belong & stay in one glitzy class. That “ambition” UNITES them, even when they meet each other for the first time from the most disparate cultures and walks of life, over and above the presumed primordial and sociocultural allegiances that we often hype and romanticize: tribe, tongue and creed.

What keeps the masses of victims down is that they hardly see beyond those overhyped steteotypes of division and organize across them, even mentally.

As long as they see one member of their tribe, family or religion in the thieving class, they feel they are “represented” there, so they continue unwittingly through their silence, acquiescence and other follies to protect and promote the same class of bandits that keeps them wretched and abjectly poor.

Unfortunately, in the rare moments of history when the masses see through the artificial divisions, it is often anarchy that is let loose. Fortuitously, sometimes a rebirth ensues from the ashes of anarchy.


It is always best to prevent and foreclose anarchy through deliberate, painstaking and often frustratingly slow social organizing for action at whatever respective level: professional, political, community, national, etc.

May God not let us be Sri Lanka or any of its precedents some day.


© Iniruo Wills

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