Thousands Protest Over Cost of Food, Fuel , Electricity in Spain 

By Henry Iheanacho 


Thousands of demonstrators on Saturday, hit the streets of Spain to protest the soaring cost of food, electricity and fuel, which have been worsened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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According to AFP, the protest, which took place in Spain’s main cities, were called by the far-right Vox party which sought to tap into growing social discontent over the spiralling cost of living that has left many families struggling to pay their bills.


Outside City Hall in Madrid, a crowd of several thousand people gathered, waving hundreds of Spanish flags and chanting angry slogans calling for the resignation of Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

“Sanchez, you’re rubbish, bring down our bills!” they echoed.


“We have the worst possible government.. It’s not even a government, it’s a misery factory… which plunders and extorts workers through abusive taxes,” Vox leader, Santiago Abascal told the rally.

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“We will not leave the streets until this illegitimate government is expelled.”

This government “is taking everything from us”, said Anabel, a 56-year-old demonstrator who didn’t give her surname.

“They hike the light and gas prices and say it’s because of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, but that’s a lie. It was like this before,” she told AFP.

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