Father Arrested for Possessing 900 Files of Child Sexual Abuse after his Wife Found a Hidden Camera that Had Recorded Adults and Children Using their Guest Bathroom 


A California father was arrested on suspicion of possessing more than 900 files of child sexual abuse material after his wife found a hidden camera in their guest bathroom, the Redding Police Department announced.


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Ryan Rovito, 34, was arrested on Thursday, March 16, after his wife reported him to police after she allegedly found the hidden camera and a hard drive, police said.




After finding the camera, his wife confronted him, and Rovito promised to remove and destroy it, police said.

She instead went to the police because she feared he had recorded their children using the bathroom, police said.


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Forensic analysis of the hard drive allegedly found more than 900 images of child sexual abuse material and video footage of children and adults using the bathroom.

Court records show his wife has sought a temporary restraining order against him.

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