CCTV Captures Moment Clever Man Chased Away Four Robbers that Tried to Rob Him at Filling Station 


A man is being hailed for being brave and clever with the way he chased off a group of robbers that tried to rob him at a petrol station.

By Henry Iheanacho

The filling station’s CCTV captured the incident as he was filling his car tank when the robbers arrived in a bus.


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It was gathered that it happened in South Africa. Just as they were alighting from the bus, the victim used the fuel hose and sprayed petrol on the assailants who ran back in fear.



Watch the video below:


In reaction, @BlackCobraGomez said; Clever guy power to him


@Deano_JM; Man spent a whole years salary on fuel but it saved his life

@ugochu_prosper; Very smart action, he would have pursued them and light them up. Nonsense…. I love smart people.

@ThatBladeGuy; Be cheaper to give them the car these days..

@BarningKnight; That was like $2k in gas right there

@JohnOlley2; At the moment, in the UK, I’d let them have my car. It would be worth less than the petrol he sprayed on them.

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