Kano Residents Protest Proposed Military Force in Niger (video)


Some residents of Kano state on Saturday morning, August 12, staged a protest against the proposed use of force by the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) to resolve the Niger coup crisis.

Recall that at a meeting in Abuja on Thursday, August 10, ECOWAS leaders directed military forces of the member States to be on standby for restoration of democratic rule in the neighbouring West African nation.


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The protesters kicked against this plan. They carried different placards while chanting.

“Nigeriens are our brothers, Nigeriens are also our family. Niger is ours, we don’t want war, war against Niger is injustice, a plot by the western forces”

The protesters also displayed Nigeria and Niger’s flags, chanting anti-war songs.



Some Nigerians have argued that residents of some Northern states will be greatly affected if any war is launched against the coupist in Niger.



Watch a video of the protesters below…



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