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The story of Madam Koi Koi, a ghost in Nigerian and African urban legend who haunts dormitories, hallways and toilets in boarding schools at night.

Madam Koi Koi is a ghost in Nigerian and African urban legend who haunts dormitories, hallways and toilets in boarding schools at night, while in day schools she haunts toilets and students who come to school too early or leave school late.


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She is often depicted wearing a pair of red heels or wearing a single heel.

The story of Madam Koi Koi has survived the times and still haunts many secondary school students in their nightmares.

In Nigeria, there are several popular myths that have endured for many decades,

Myths such as Queen of the Coast and Bush Babies are some of the most popular myths in Nigeria. They are legends told from generation to generation.



One of such legends or myths is the legend of Madam Koi Koi. No one knows exactly when the story started but the story of a ghost female teacher with red high heels has haunted boarding schools in Nigeria for decades.


This is the legend of Madam Koi Koi. There are several stories but this is the most popular one. Once upon a time there was a beautiful teacher in a secondary school at Aba, Saint Maria located at Holloway CRESCENT.


She was known for her beauty and her red heels which she wore upon her death. Whenever she walked in the hallways her shoes will make one sound ‘Koi Koi’.

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It was also said she was very nasty to students and would beat them up for no given reason. You could say she was hated. Sometimes she will write on the on the school chalkboard, I will be coming tomorrow.


Legend has it that she was feared when she slapped a female student and injured her ear. On her journey back home, Madam Koi Koi was involved in an accident and died.

Before she died she swore that she would have her revenge on the school and its students. According to legend her grave was chain but madman unchain it making it possible for her to continue to hunt her students

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Not too long after, students of the secondary school said at night they would hear a ‘Koi Koi’ sound in the hallways of their dormitories after lights out, almost like the clicking of heels on a floor.


Till today this story persists. It is said Madam Koi Koi only comes out at night to haunt students. The stories have gone beyond one secondary school to other secondary schools in Nigeria.


Is there really a story about the ghost of a female teacher haunting students or is this a tale made up by teachers to discourage students from wandering during lights out?


Was She Real?

So, the tale then was that she or rather her restless spirit goes from school to school tutoring students.


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