Woman Mauled by Her Own Pit-bull in Elevator 



A woman fought to escape from an elevator after her pit bull suddenly turned on her and began attacking her.

The woman, 25, had been tying her shoes in her living room in Cucuta, Colombia, when her four-year-old pit bull suddenly came for her, biting her arm.

She ran to the elevator to seek refuge but the dog followed her.


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In footage of the attack, the woman can be seen bleeding heavily on the floor of the lift, with the dog still clamped onto her arm.


The woman eventually escaped by banging on the lift’s buttons with her blood-stained hands and running into the foyer when the lift opened.



Woman mauled by her own pit bull in elevator


She survived her bloody ordeal but had to have surgery on her arm which was ripped to shreds.


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Speaking to local news site La Opinian, a police spokesman said: “When the animal jumped on her, the only thing she thought was that if she stayed on the fifth floor, no one was going to rescue her.


“She has fractures in two fingers of her right hand, a phalanx on her left. She is still hospitalized and pending transfer to a clinic for a medical procedure.”



Local authorities have said they will investigate the animal’s living conditions.


It will be sent to the Zoonosis Center of Health Secretariat of Cúcuta for a ten-day behavioural analysis which will decide its fate.

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