Angry Husband Slaps Doctor at a Medical Conference, Accuses Him of Sexually Assaulting His Wife (video)


An angry husband has been captured on video attacking a medical doctor he accused of sexually assaulting his wife at a medical conference.

The man attacked the medical doctor while he was giving a speech at the annual American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) conference held last month in Baltimore.


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The furious man grabbed the doctor by his shirt and smacked him across the face, yelling, “You know what you did!” You touched my wife 7 years ago in New York. Don’t be an ass****, bitch!”

He slapped the doctor again, and screamed, “You’re lucky this is America, because if this was Brazil, I’d kill you!!!”




He then headed for the exit with his wife, but continued to scream and point at the doctor, who did not appear to be injured, but was totally in shock.

Onlookers were also stunned, and one woman called for security as the husband charged back toward the doctor, shouting profanities.




Police did respond, and while the doctor didn’t want to press charges, he requested the cops remove the husband from the premises. The doctor was not named, but he’s reportedly a gynecologic oncologist at a New York hospital.

Organizers of the ACOG conference issued a statement condemning the violence and apologizing to anyone traumatized by the incident.


See the video below:



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